3 Ways To Have A Successful Fuck Buddy

Just because you have a fuck buddy situation figured out doesn’t necessarily mean it’s successful. There is actually a thing as a half ass fuck buddy relationship to where you don’t necessarily know if you will ever have to see them again because it’s so spontaneous so that’s why you should find one that is more consistent and reliable to get all of your needs taken care of.

1. Keep It Strictly Sex:

As sweet and comforting cuddling is after just don’t do it. The more you engage is relationship type of occurrences especially having sleepovers the more comfortable and attached you will feel towards the person. The thing that messes up this type of relationship is someone gaining unnecessary feelings which are inevitable, leading to the ending of the entire fuck buddy thing because it’s only a one-sided feeling.

Have a routine place and a mutual understanding that you go separate ways once the job is done, so no one is confused as to what is happening once the sex is done. The more casual and in tuned you guys are with the no strings attached in this type of situation the easier it will be to say goodbye and leave the feelings at the door.

2. No Pillow Talk:

Having a fuck buddy should be solely focused on a physical attraction rather than emotional one so leave the talking for your friends and family. There’s no reason to engage in pillow talk after you’re done fucking because then you’re sharing personal information which tends to happen after sex because people get vulnerable, so it’s best to leave once you’ve finished.

The whole point of having a fuck buddy is to refrain from catching feelings and spilling your deepest darkest secrets is definitely a way to catch them. So stay away from letting your guard down and approach each of these rendezvous as a sexual transaction rather than a meaningful connection.

3. Similar Schedules:

It’s the most convenient when you both have similar working schedules and are free around the same times and days during the week. There is nothing more unappealing then always getting rejected when you send a risky text in hoping for sex. Although it’s not realistic to have someone be always available at every beck and call you should still have a schedule that aligns for the most part.

Being impulsive and spontaneous is key for this sort of ordeal to which you might wake up with a booty call text to which you should openly show up or invite them over, but there should be some set times and dates set aside to have a fuck buddy session.

Trade in your sloppy and unreliable fuck buddy for someone that can fit into these categories and who is drama free. It’s hard for people to keep a no strings attached relationship so make sure you’re setting boundaries and schedules before getting caught up in the actual sex because you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.