Best Selfie Tips of 2016

This rule is first for a reason. Your selfie will be flawed for sure if you don’t know your angles. No matter how flawless you are, we all have angles that simply can’t maximize our look. Why do you think we only see one side of the moon at all times? Because the moon knows it has a bad side! With a selfie, you have complete control of how you look, so work it until you get it, and you’ll be looking like a total thot before you know it!

Work it, feel it, own it
A very wise person once described selfies as “the product of a moment when one is feeling beautiful and confident.” Don’t be afraid to show off your sexy, give-no-fucks side with your nude selfies. Selfies are not just about looking hot AF but feelinghot AF. Nothing is sexier than confidence, and it totally will shine through in your selfie!

Share your location
Keeping your selfie location fresh will totally up your selfie game, because variety is the spice of life! Never post selfies in the same places repeatedly or in environments that are fatal to your brand (e.g. Walmart frozen food section) I mean switch up your geo-tags here and there.. Your surroundings can also be used as an excuse to take and post a selfie. Environment can totally change the vibe of the picture sand is sometimes guaranteed to get your more likes.

Don’t be too serious
Putting your best face forward does not always mean your most perfect face. Dare to post a picture of your natural makeup-free face, make silly faces, or share a post-workout messy ponytail glow. Show the world that you have a sense of humor, that you’re fearless, that you, in fact, don’t need to be perfect. There’s nothing prettier than your truth. So selfie that!

You know when your makeup looks on point, but you cant get your perfect selfie to snap to all your friends letting them know your getting drunk tonight, yeah that lighting sucks. Don’t be embarrassed to turn a whole 360 degrees to find the perfect lighting because everyone does it, and if you haven’t, you’ve at least turned 180 degrees. Lighting is crucial; you can even make cheekbones appear on your face that has chubby cheeks. You know that color that’s not black and white but very saturated, making you look almost tan but not to distorted, yeah that’s the lighting you want. The lighting will make or break your selfie, I promise. Even Kim Kardashian says, “Lighting is everything.”

Pop Your Arm
We’re all self-conscious about side arm. Create slim yet defined limbs with a simple arm pop. Whether you put your hand on your hip or slightly bend your elbow, gravity will create the slimmer-looking arm, shoulder and side you crave.

Be Confident
Not only should you be confident in your selfie career but also if it’s your hottest selfie, you better look damn confident. Confidence is key, not only in the real world, but also in the Snapchat world. When you want to show your booty off, show it off! However, with confidence comes class, so make sure you keep that in mind. When your sending your hottest Snapchat out, be confident in who is going to view it.

Be Cute
Constantly posting skin-baring selfies is a serious cry for attention. Keep it G-Rated. The occasional vacation picture is okay, but there’s a fine line. Beware of crossing it.

Again, this is a tricky one because the flash on your phone’s camera is there to enhance your pictures, not ruin them. However, flash and selfies for some reason do not mix. Don’t use flash if you can avoid it. It usually causes forehead glare, distorts how you look and can cause the red-eye effect.

Always take more than one
The worst thing you could ever do to your selfie game is taking only one. This isn’t your high school yearbook photo , this is your phone, your future, your selfie. Be Selfie Selfies. After all, you’ve probably got an iPhone, and not some disposable camera. Use those megabytes (just don’t run out of data) and bank your fair share of selfies! You never know when you’re going to need a cute #TBT, after all.

Get a Selfie Stick- One of the quickest ways to look a little less selfie is to widen the frame. Using a selfie stick allows you to make the image about the sweeping panorama behind you or the loving huddle of friends wrapped in your arms. Grab that innovative stick and wave it proud as you capture the bigger picture.

Keep it Natural
Follow in Lauren Conrad’s selfie footsteps and keep your pictures natural. No fake overposing, please. Your followers want to have a peek into your day-to-day life to be able to relate to you. So stop posting selfies when you’re all done up. We’ve seen that face a few too many times.

Group selfies are fun
It’s important to not just take selfies of yourself. Obviously, you’re the most important person in the world (and in the photo) but it’s important to throw some up with your friends to remind everyone that you’re not a total loser. However, don’t just take selfies with any old randos. If you’re wondering if it’s a good opportunity to take a selfie, ask yourself the following questions:
— Am I the cutest person in the picture?
— Are the other people in the picture cute, but not as cute as me?


Mix it up
Obviously, if you have a signature selfie, own it (think Kim K’s bathroom mirror selfie, a true classic selfie format). But you definitely want to change things up a bit, so your style doesn’t go stale and your social media followers (aka your fans) don’t lose interest because you only know how to make the duck face! This means switching up the poses, taking a break from letting everyone know your BFF is and ect.

And most of all look cute, its a selfie, and people will judge it.