Bikini Selfies

how to take your perfect selfie (even in a bikini)

“Selfie, selfie, selfie”. These days, it’s all about SELFIES. Even if someone offers to take the photo for you, you’ll refuse because you’re going for “the selfie effect”. I mean who else knows your better angler than yourself, right?

The good thing about a selfie, is you control the lighting, angle, background and can take the photo exactly the way you want it, yet sometimes selfies can go horribly wrong with overexposed light, pixelated photos and too much cleavage making it less “selfie” and more “skanky”. Here are some tips to keep in mind whilst snapping away.

Before I get to the serious DO’s and DONT’s of taking your perfect bikini pic, let me remind you of the basics.

1. Best way to hold the phone: Extend your arm as far as you can, extreme close ups can be a bit much. Find the easiest way to hold your phone and click the button so your hand doesn’t shake and take a blurry picture.

2. Make sure you clean your camera: This is an amateur selfie mistake, always clean the camera with your t-shirt or sunglass cleaner.

3. Shoot in square: If you are taking the photo for Instagram take it in “square mode” so you don’t end up having to crop your face. If you don’t remember to use square you can just use the “Squareready” app.

4. Edit: Whichever editing program you use, keep it natural. Do not over edit or put on strange filters that make your skin look orange, no one thinks that looks good. Natural beauty is in.

Now that I refreshed the selfie newbies, here are the most common questions and answers about how to rock your selfie, and most importantly your selfie in a bikini.


Q: What’s your #1 tip for taking a flattering swimsuit photo?
A:Realize that the way the curves of your body flow is going to make or break the photo–so accentuate them!

Q:How should you position your body to get the most flattering angle?
A:The most flattering stance for photos is whatever feels most natural and comfortable. Your arms can hang loose by your side, or on your hips, or even playing with your hair. Stick out one hip, put your weight in the balls of your feet, and lower you chin a touch and you’re good to go.

Q:What are your tips for scoring a flattering swimsuit photo?
A: Never allow someone to take a photo shooting upwards toward your face. That is absolutely terrifying to me. I mean hello, double chin alert!! You have to decide what’s right for your face too. Me, I have to stick my chin out and tilt my head way down. I call it the turtle—it’s really awkward but you stick out your chin and you lower it and it feels crazy but it makes everyone look better as long as you’re not too aggressive with it.

If your still not trusting my question and answer forum maybe you can take is from Victoria Secret Angles Advice. The head turning models know all the tricks to reel in the most likes and comments.

Polish model Jac Jagaciak, quickly declared, “She’s the queen of selfies,” as she pointed to Elsa Hosk. 26-year-old Hosk remained humble as she happily shared her advice, “I’m not an expert, but you have to make sure the light hits your face at the right angles. Placing the camera a little above your face is the most flattering.”

If you don’t want to stop there and take my advice you may want to add these hot snap chats that frequents their feed in bikinis. Maybe you can take a few tips away from them.

The first snapchatter is Mandysnaps She is a babe on Snapchat. She has a smoking body and knows just what angles every guy or hey, even girl is looking for. Mandy enjoys morning workouts where she will tell you exactly what kind of moves she likes to warm up with along with her hour workout filmed live following. This cutie will show you what you want to see just send her a personal Snapchat and she promises to get back to you. She posts frequently and with high quality video.

The second snap chatter I suggest is Sophielaurenxo. Titty ass hands in the air and more tits, this UK entertainer whose account is worth a follow will take you behind the scenes of her and all her stripper friends. You will learn the entire lingo that they use when they are on the job stripping as well as how much time goes into the job. This beautiful girl has a makeup supply worth thousands and she often films herself doing her own makeup, sometimes even naked. Not only will you find some bangin nudes but you will also get a sneak peak of her lavish life of partying and bad decisions. Sophie posts nude videos and photos to her story daily, and is very active via social media.

Last but not least I really encourage you all to go follow @barelythere. All I can say is wow. This chick has got it going on. If you want to learn the best poses, where to take the best picture, and what bathing suite looks goon on your skin color, this is the girl. She has thousands of bikinis and I think she may even ear them in the winter, so basically all year round this crazy girl can be found in a swim suite. She is always active on snapchat and posting her latest healthy snack or cutest new suite.

My final advice is don’t overthink it. Arm yourself with this knowledge, and then just relax. A trying-too-hard selfie is never going to be a good one. The thing about selfies is that you don’t want them to be too serious. If your makeup looks like it took you an hour to do and you look too posed, you’re not doing it right.


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